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July Monthly Musings

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It’s Our Anniversary

Two short years ago this store was a dream about to become reality.  Yes, two years ago we opened our doors on July 26th our doors opened and The Fey Dragon was embraced by all of you!  

It has been an amazing journey meeting many new friends along the way and adventures that make me smile all the time.  A few of the discoveries along the way include finding a tombstone in the back (and subsequently its story), learning this was the tombstone maker’s shop location, that you can do drum circles in tight spaces, that a goddess in the window can give peace to many, that family forms from strange ties, that bake sales are a good thing, the “boys” like to drink a lot, varying religions really can get along quiet well, when you need help the gods provide, there is always the right book/stone/candle/smile/word of encouragement to be had, and most importantly – everyone is welcome here.  They are welcome to teach, to rest, to heal the soul or whatever else the day may need.

 So today I say thank you for making the last two years a couple of the best roller coaster ride I’ve ever had.  And to my husband Bill… you are my hero.




New in the Store

 Sky Lanterns are back and only $6.  Trust me, they are huge and in a variety of colors.  You might want one for your weekend celebrations regardless of whatever else that might entail.  

 Fred Soll incense is back in the house as of next week.  All the scents you love from the best incense maker in the world.  Yes I said it because I believe it.  

 We also have some wonderful herbal dream pillows now available.  Handcrafted locally for your sleeping pleasures.


What We are Doing

 July 12th – Its Reiki and Reading night.  That’s right, the second Friday of the month filled with reiki and tarot specials. Tarot readings will be at a special rate of $20 for 15 minutes, reiki will be the same – $20 for 15 minutes of healing. The fun goes from 6 – 8 pm.  If you have wanted to see what a reading or a reiki treatment was about but didn’t want to put out the price of a full whatever, this is the time to come and see what you think!  No appointments will be necessary, just stop in and tell us what you are looking for.

 July 13th – 22nd – Closed for Sirius Rising Festival.  We will be travelling to the Sirius Rising festival near Sherman, NY during this time.  Yes we will be vending, but hey, this is my vacation too!  Come see Bill and I if you are there.  We will reopen on Tuesday July 23rd.

 July 27th – Wholly Education (Health Coaching).  This is a free seminar/workshop regarding living a healthy life through food and lifestyle choices.  Come and listen to Jody Brown about what this can mean to you. (2-4 pm)

July 30th – August 27th – Paganism 101, An Introduction to Paganism. ($75 for the entire 5 week course)  An introduction to neo-paganism, its practices, history, energy work and other aspects for the person interested in paganism or starting on a pagan path.

 July 31th – Tarot Share (7-9 pm).  This is going to be an ongoing event offered to our wonderful customers.  This is be for individuals who read tarot, maybe for a long time maybe not, but feel that they would like to practice and learn more. This isn’t for professionals but for those that have no real outlet to practice and develop their craft.  It is a chance to read for someone you don’t know, to exchange thoughts and ideas, work through challenges and ask questions.

 The event is limited to 10 people and a suggested donation of $10 is requested.


Upcoming events –

 August 17th and 18th – Raven and Stephanie Grimassi.


 The full moon has always evoked a sense of the mystical.  Why do we gaze at the moon, and what is that calls to us in the moon’s light?  Come and discover why witches gather beneath the full moon.  Learn about the connection between the moon and the ritual circle. Discover the inner the teachings about the moon and its role in birth, life, death, and renewal.

 This class will include a talk on the magic of moonlight, the role of the goddess of Witchcraft, and the connection of the Underworld theme.  Also included is a guided imagery journey designed to link with the mystical essence of the Full Moon.

 2 hour workshop with a 10 minute break in the middle. Time for Q & A will be provided.

Begins at 2pm; Cost $30/person.

 August 18th – Personal Readings by Raven and Stephanie

 Raven and Stephanie Grimassi will be doing readings for individuals on Sunday, July 1st from 11 am – 4 pm.  You must make a reservation in advance.  The readings will be done by Raven and Stephanie in tandem for the individual so you gain the perspective of both during your visit.

 Make sure to make your appointment for this unique opportunity.

 Cost: $60/ 30 minute reading.  

 Reservations must be made in advance for either event and include a 50% deposit.

 November/December – Patricia Lafayllve book signing and workshop.

 As always let me know what you would like to have offered at the Dragon and we will see if we can find a teacher to accommodate your desires.


Readers and Healers

 Mary (that would be me) is available by appointment.  I prefer mornings but can work with your schedule.  I also do Tarot parties. Cost: Short reading – $30; Long reading – $60.  Clergy services are also available – Call for pricing.

 Robin Waterbury, a Reiki Master teacher, is available Wednesday and Fridays for healing sessions. All sessions $50.

 Katie Morton, an apprentice reader who will be working to enhance her craft and gain experience.  Katie will be giving readings by appointment and walk-in’s when available.  Because she is an apprentice the fee for her readings will be less: $20.

 Give us a call and make an appointment so that we might meet your needs.


Upcoming Schedule

 The following events are scheduled for July, 2013:

 3rd – Pagan Social Hour (7-9 pm)

4th – Closed for the 4th

10th – All Things Divine (7-9 pm)

12th – Reiki and Reading night (6-8 pm)

13th-22nd – Closed for Sirius Rising Festival

24th – Heathen Happy Hour (7-9 pm)

27th – Wholly Education, Health Coaching (2-4 pm)

30th – Introduction to Paganism, Week 1 (7-9 pm; $75 for the course)

31st – Tarot Share (7-9 pm; $10 suggested donation, preregistration required)