November Winds

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Welcome to November and yes I’m late!  Only because the Samhain season is one that requires a lot of attention and work!  But it is wonderful work, the work of getting ready for the dark time of the year.  It is a necessary time, one that allows us to rejuvenate through a long deserved rest.

The leaves are turning and the air is chilled and my thoughts turn to things like chili and stew.  It is what comforts me in the dark of night when the wind is howling.  But it isn’t just a matter of pulling around me the things the comfort; it is also a time for introspection and understanding.  I look deep inside and between now and Yule begins to examine what has no longer become fruitful and alive.  What is it that needs to be tilled into the soil of my soul in order to replenish the nutrients for rebirth.

There is always something that no longer serves. Whether that is an idea, feeling, relationship or old sweater there is always something that has lived its full life and now needs to be put behind us.  So what is it you will discover this season of dark?  Will you be able to part with what you discover no longer serves you?  If not, how will that effect any new growth you hope to do?




What’s New in the Shop

Ritual in a Box

Last month I asked for ideas.  Ideas that would help the shop grow and change as necessary with the clients that we serve and a beautiful thing emerged – the Ritual in a Box.  So what is this?  It is literally what it states.  a complete ritual shipped to customers in a box – candles, incense,tools, ritual outline, callings, meditations or whatever else is required for the ritual.  It is perfect for both the new and experienced person. So why this particular shift and how does it work? Anyone can order the Ritual in a Box. I encourage signing up for the monthly subscription rate of$35/month.  This includes tax and shipping and is an automatic payment managed through PayPal.  With the auto payment a ritual kit is sent for each full moon to perform a full moon ritual although you could modify it for just before or just after.  I’ll be selling the kits individually as well,at a slightly higher price ($40) so I do encourage the monthly payment.

I’ll also be doing Ritual in a Box for the Great Days, the next being Yule, but will not be putting them in an auto pay format.  The Great Day Rituals are a little more – $45 – but they are worth it.

The deadline for the next Ritual in a Box kits are:

Lunar Cycle– November 6th

Yule Ritual– December 1st

Each ritual outline is hand craft by me, Mary Hudson, High Priestess and Pagan Chaplain at Syracuse University, one of two such positions in the United States. I wanted you all to know that I was creating these personally so you know they are not canned or out of a book that are being copied.  No, these are all me.  So you can find them at <a>https://feydragon.wordpress.com/ritual-in-a-box-tm/</a&gt;.

What’s Going On

November5th– Shamanic Healing Workshop cont.  Shamanism,based on an ancient system of living in harmony with all of Nature, can provide you with enhanced abilities to heal and grow, to explore and connect to Self,Nature and Spirit.

This hands-on class will enrich your life with powerful techniques to aid in healing yourself and others. Open your perceptions while you explore the world of spirit, interact with your guides and fine-tune your intuition.

The use of audio recording devices will be permitted. For men and women, age 18and up. All religious & spiritual practices honored.

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm; Duration: 2 hours x 4 weeks

Tuition: $50.00 (covers all four weeks)


November23rd/24th – Reiki Level I. Receive your Reiki Level I training and attunement with Robin Waterbury of Ahhh Reiki.

Class will be held over two days, November 23 and 24, from 11 am to 4 pm eachday.

Cost of the class is $150 and limited to 6 students. Deadline for enrollment is November 15. Enrollment must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable deposit which is applied towards the class enrollment fee. Call <a>The Fey Dragon</a> at 315 216-4156 to make your reservation.


Tarot Share will be one day early this month (November 26th) due to Thanksgiving.


November 30th– Basic Wire Wrapping (2:00 – 4:30 pm).  Participants will do hands on work to learn basic techniques for wrapping stones, crystals and most anything else. All materials will be provided and students will create a crystal pendant that they will keep for their own. Students can bring a stone or crystal if they wish to do extra practice.

Cost: $20

Please Pre-register

Readers and Healers

Mary (that would be me) is available by appointment.  I prefer mornings but can work with your schedule.  I also do Tarot parties. Cost: Short reading – $30; Long reading – $60. Clergy services are also available – Call for pricing.

Robin Waterbury, a Reiki Master teacher, is available Wednesday and Fridays for healing sessions. All sessions$50. Robin also does Chakra balancing, Crystal Energy work and mini sessions.

Katie Morton, Katie will be giving readings by appointment and walk-in’s when available.  Fee for her readings is $20.

Give us a call and make an appointment so that we might meet your needs.


Upcoming Schedule

The following events are scheduled for November, 2013:

6th – Pagan Social Hour (7-9 pm)

13th – All Things Divine (7-9 pm)

20th – Heathen Happy Hour (7-9 pm)

23-24th – Reiki Level I (11-4 Saturday and Sunday)

22th – Drum Circle (7-9 pm)

26th – Tarot Share (7-9 pm; $10 suggested donation, preregistration required)

28th – Closed for Thanksgiving

30th – Basic Wire Wrapping (2-4:30 pm, $20)


There may be some late scheduled in classes so watch our Facebook page to find out.



June Montly Musings

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Honoring the Past

It seems odd to be talking about honoring the past at this time of year.  We are suppose to look to the new, the bursting growth that is all around us.  But in the shop there is something a little different.  It is the tombstone for Marianne.  That’s right a tombstone.  If you haven’t been in the shop or heard the story, the stone came with the space.  No one knew it was there, but sure enough it was in the way back storage area.  It seemed a little odd at first but then we found out why.  You see, The Fey Dragon occupies the same space as the tombstone maker use to.  That is right, the metaphysical store is in the tombstone makers shop.  But the story doesn’t end there.One of our customers and friends decided to do some research.  Marianne apparently was the wife of the tombstone maker.  She died at the age of 60 and we have found her final resting place.  She has a grave marker that matches the rest of the family so this must have been one that broke and was subsequently replaced.  But still, why honor the past now.  Why not do it during Samhain.  Well that is simple – she died on June 1, 1850.So for us it is a time to remember with joy the past that has helped shape us.  It isn’t the same as Samhain but it is a thought that the ancestors are with us all the time and help us smile and enjoy the growth that we are experiencing.  Remember the past is what made you who you are today.  It works the ground of your soul so that the seeds of the future turn into beautiful flowers.  So think about yesterday and remember it fondly.  Even If it was a “bad” day it gave you the perspective of how wonderful today can be.

New in the Store

We have some guests this month, well for the next few weeks.  Spending about 5 weeks here in Oswego are Jacquelyn Cuyler and Rob Wright.  Jacquelyn  is an Intuitive Medium who practices Vajra Reiki, does Past Life Analysis, Karma Charts, Dragon Oracle readings and a whole lot more.  Rob is a Shamanic healer and author who offers shamanic healins, reiki, reflexology, and guided meditations.  They will be taking appointments for any and all of these services during the month of June and the beginning of July.  They will then depart to North Carolina and then Europe for Rob’s book release.

If you are interested in any of their offerings or to make an appointment just give us a call.

What We are Doing

June 9th – Climbing in Tibet. This is a presentation of one man’s experience and spiritual transformation while climbing the mountains of Tibet.  Ron will be sharing his photographs and experiences with all that wish to hear.  (1-3 pm; no fee)
June 14th – Its Reiki and Reading night.  That’s right, the second Friday of the month filled with reiki and tarot specials. Tarot readings will be at a special rate of $20 for 15 minutes, reiki will be the same – $20 for 15 minutes of healing. The fun goes from 6 – 8 pm.  If you have wanted to see what a reading or a reiki treatment was about but didn’t want to put out the price of a full whatever, this is the time to come and see what you think!  No appointments will be necessary, just stop in and tell us what you are looking for.
June 15th – Closed. Family wedding to attend.
June 21st – Closing early (5 pm) for Summer Solstice celebration.
June 23rd – Magic of Laughter (2-4 pm; $8) Come and enjoy a workshop on laughter and its place in magic. Find out how to put it into your workings and how it can benefit both you and those around you.
June 26th – Tarot Share (7-9 pm).  This is going to be an ongoing event offered to our wonderful customers.  This is be for individuals who read tarot, maybe for a long time maybe not, but feel that they would like to practice and learn more. This isn’t for professionals but for those that have no real outlet to practice and develop their craft.  It is a chance to read for someone you don’t know, to exchange thoughts and ideas, work through challenges and ask questions.
The event is limited to 10 people and a suggested donation of $10 is requested.

Upcoming events –

August 17th and 18th – Raven and Stephanie Grimassi.

The full moon has always evoked a sense of the mystical.  Why do we gaze at the moon, and what is that calls to us in the moon’s light?  Come and discover why witches gather beneath the full moon.  Learn about the connection between the moon and the ritual circle. Discover the inner the teachings about the moon and its role in birth, life, death, and renewal.

This class will include a talk on the magic of moonlight, the role of the goddess of Witchcraft, and the connection of the Underworld theme.  Also included is a guided imagery journey designed to link with the mystical essence of the Full Moon.
2 hour workshop with a 10 minute break in the middle. Time for Q & A will be provided.
Begins at 2pm; Cost $30/person.
August 18thPersonal Readings by Raven and Stephanie
Raven and Stephanie Grimassi will be doing readings for individuals on Sunday, July 1st from 11 am – 4 pm.  You must make a reservation in advance.  The readings will be done by Raven and Stephanie in tandem for the individual so you gain the perspective of both during your visit.

Make sure to make your appointment for this unique opportunity.

Cost: $60/ 30 minute reading.

Reservations must be made in advance for either event and include a 50% deposit.

November/December – Patricia Lafayllve book signing and workshop.
As always let me know what you would like to have offered at the Dragon and we will see if we can find a teacher to accommodate your desires.

Readers and Healers

Mary (that would be me) is available by appointment.  I prefer mornings but can work with your schedule.  I also do Tarot parties. Cost: Short reading – $30; Long reading – $60.  Clergy services are also available – Call for pricing.

Robin Waterbury, a Reiki Master teacher, is available Wednesday and Fridays for healing sessions. All sessions $50.

Katie Morton, an apprentice reader who will be working to enhance her craft and gain experience.  Katie will be giving readings by appointment and walkin’s when available.  Because she is an apprentice the fee for her readings will be less: $20.

Give us a call and make an appointment so that we might meet your needs.

Upcoming Schedule

The following events are scheduled for June, 2013:

5th – Pagan Social Hour (7-9 pm)
9th – Climbing in Tibet (1-3 pm)
12th – All Things Divine (7-9 pm)
14th – Reiki and Reading night (6-8 pm)
19th – Heathen Happy Hour (7-9 pm)
23rd – Magic of Laughter ( 2-4 pm; $8)
26th – Tarot Share (7-9 pm; $10 suggested donation, preregistration required)
28th – Drum Circle (7-9 pm)

There may be some late scheduled in classes so watch our Facebook page to find out.