May Monthly Musings

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wordpress pictureMay Flowers

May is here and the flowers are coming up all over the place.  What an amazing paint that the mother uses to color our world.  I can only be thankful for the landscape of beauty as she washes across the fields with the brush stroke of petals.  I love the flowers, yes even through allergies, because they feed the bees.  The bees then turn around and spread their joy to all the other plants – the apple trees, berry bushes, vegetable gardens and on and on we go.  All those beautiful plants feed us and the animals around us bring to full circle the cycle that is the seasons and our life.

I enjoy this time of year.  I am out in the trees and the sun and yes, even my non-tan legs will be getting a little color to them soon.  Festivals are beginning, I’ll be at some and not at others.  Things begin to get busy but remember to stop and appreciate what the earth has done for you.  She has given you a beautiful, natural painting to appreciate and enjoy.  It changes every day so appreciate it every day and know that it is only as wonderful as you believe it to be.



New in the Store

It isn’t so much what is new as what is going to be missing.  Xavier is graduating from SUNY Oswego and will be returning to his home.  I knew this time would come and we would miss him tremendously, I just wish the time hadn’t come so quickly.  So if you can stop in and say hello to him this week or next.  He will be here on Wednesdays and Fridays for his final two weeks of living in Oswego.  It is a sad day in the shop for sure.

What We are Doing

May 5thOpening late. We will be opening at noon today.

May 9th and 11th Advanced Spellcrafting is the class of the day!  I’ve been asked to do this on several occasions but needed to determine how the class would work.  I mean every last one of you has a different interest in how this should go.  So here it is: the 9th (7-9 pm) will be an evening of review of the basics and a discussion on different spellcrafting techniques.  Included in that will be a discussion on what the students specifically wish to have addressed on a slightly more advanced level.  Saturday the 11th (12-5) will be spent working through the various types of spellcrafting that the class members requested.  This class directly revolves around what the students desire and is specifically crafted for their needs/wants.  The class will be limited to 8 people; cost is $50 for both evenings.  I must have preregistration on this one and there are already two slots taken.

May 10th – Its Reiki and Reading night.  That’s right, the second Friday of the month filled with reiki and tarot specials. Tarot readings will be at a special rate of $20 for 15 minutes, reiki will be the same – $20 for 15 minutes of healing. The fun goes from 6 – 8 pm.  If you have wanted to see what a reading or a reiki treatment was about but didn’t want to put out the price of a full whatever, this is the time to come and see what you think!  No appointments will be necessary, just stop in and tell us what you are looking for.

May 12th – Closed. Its Mother’s Day for goodness sake!

May 18th – Congratulations to all the SUNY Oswego graduates!

May 26th -Household Herbs ($15) – This class is the second of 3 simple herb classes. In this class we’ll explore the wonder of the magic that most people over look or don’t even realize is right under their noses, common kitchen herbs. In this class we’ll discuss 15 common ‘grocery store’ herbs including: Thyme, Orange peel, Nutmeg, and Basil; to name a few. In depth magical descriptions and folklore will be given during this class. Ready to make some magic?

What we’ll go over in this class:

A short review of herbal basics
Organic vs. Non-Organic Herbs
Textures: Powders, Peels, & Cut Leaf
Getting to know your herbs and what they represent
Making your own blends

Upcoming events –

August 17th and 18th – Raven and Stephanie Grimassi workshop and readings!
November/December – Patricia Lafayllve book signing and workshop.
As always let me know what you would like to have offered at the Dragon and we will see if we can find a teacher to accommodate your desires.

Readers and Healers

Mary (that would be me) is available by appointment.  I prefer mornings but can work with your schedule.  I also do Tarot parties. Cost: Short reading – $30; Long reading – $60.  Clergy services are also available – Call for pricing.

Robin Waterbury, a Reiki Master teacher, is available Wednesday and Fridays for healing sessions. All sessions $50.

Xavier Pagan, A Reiki Master teacher and tarot reader will be available by appointment and for walkins when he is in the shop.  Reiki – $50 a session; Readings: short – $30, long – $60.

Animal Reiki will be coming soon so continue to take a look at our online schedule for more information.

Give us a call and make an appointment so that we might meet your needs.

Upcoming Schedule

The following events are scheduled for May, 2013:

1st – Pagan Social Hour (7-9 pm)
2nd – Talking with the Runes (7-9 pm, week 4)
5th – Opening at noon
8th – All Things Divine (7-9 pm)
9th – Advanced Spellcrafting – Part I (7-9 pm, $50)
10th – Reiki and Reading night (6-8 pm)
11th – Advanced Spellcrafting – Part II (noon-5)
15th – Heathen Happy Hour (7-9 pm)
24th – Drum Circle (7-9 pm)
26th – Household Herbs (1-3 pm, $15 – preregistration rqd)

There may be some late scheduled in classes so watch our Facebook page to find out.